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Committed To Excellence

We started humbly in the land of Nigiris at Gudalur in the year 2003.

Over the last decades we have transformed ourselves into one of the most trustworthy healthcare centre. 

This has been achieved as a result of our commitment to provide an exceptional experience to each of our patients through a quality driven process focused on team work, professional integrity and compassionate care delivery.

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Our Patient Care Facilities

At our hospital we continue to follow the highest level of safety precautions as we treat our patients. We are strictly adhering to all WHO mandated protocols, to keep you and your family safe & healthy.

Maternity Care

Our experienced obstetrics specialists, nurses and other staff will advise and work with you on your pregnancy through comprehensive clinical observations during the different stages, to ensure that you have a positive experience with your childbirth

Neonatal Care

Qualified neonatologists along with the multidisciplinary support available in the hospital for a wide spectrum of newborns babies- from well, to slightly ill and premature babies with low birth weight, who are admitted to Neonatal ICU facility.

Internsive Care

Such care is normally provided to patients who are critically ill or those recuperating from  treatment for traumatic accidents, burns  or major surgeries. We, provide a high level of intensive and high dependency care round the clock.